Our Story:

Dangerous Curves Hawaii is an all-female motorcycle group and is not an official a motorcycle club.  This is our story...

The website started as Michelle’s personal page dedicated to sportbikes and her love of riding. In March 2001 two friends, Shannon A. and Shannon W. were surfing the internet and found the website. Soon the three gals started riding together and became friends. Michelle started spreading the word to local motorcycle shops that they were looking for more female riders. Several more female riders joined the rides on a regular basis.

At this point Dangerous Curves Hawaii did not have an official name, however were known as the "all female group".  In 2002 Michelle asked a creative co-worker to help think of a cool name for the group.  He quickly came up with Dangerous Curves.  Thank you, Koko!

Soon after the name was created, Michelle changed her personal website to be the Dangerous Curves Hawaii website. Business cards were made to be handed out by riders and passed out by local bike shops to invite more women to join.

Shannon W, Shannon A and Michelle
One of the first DCH rides in 2001
As of summer 2002 the group consisted of 27 female riders. Later that year Michelle contacted a reporter from the local newspaper to met with the group. The article started as a small idea, just a short column in the paper. The story ended up on the cover of the local Island Life section.  It was published again a few weeks later in a free residential publication.  Dangerous Curves Hawaii received a lot of exposure through the articles and as a result had many inquires from female riders.  The contact list went up to almost 100 female riders after the stories were published.

There have been lots of growth and changes over the years, of the original leaders, Michelle is still riding with Dangerous Curves Hawaii. Shannon A., Shannon W. have moved back to the Mainland.  Our  ride leaders, past and present, are Michelle, Shannon A., Shannon W., Jen R., Michel, Maui, Krys and Marty.

The group is more than just fellow riders, true friendships have grown.  The group is very diverse; sportbike riders, cruisers, locals, military, from stay at home Mom’s, business professionals. Riders in the group range from their early 20's to over 50 years old.  The average age span of the group is 35 - 45.

Dangerous Curves Hawaii has rules that all are expected to follow for everyone's safety.  Leaders are experienced riders and well trained. There is always a sweeper in the back of the pack to make sure the group stays together.

Over the years almost 200 women have ridden with Dangerous Curves Hawaii.
Michelle with her 2001 R6
Shannon A with her 2003 CBR600rr
Shannon W with her 2003 R6
Dangerous Curves Hawaii Founders